From Our Family to Yours, 





My Story,




In 2013, my husband lost a difficult battle with cancer. Travis was 39 and his dream was to create a business to be passed on to our son. In 2016 my mother/best friend also with cancer died. Needless to say their dreams were lost. Life is about making difficult choices and the ones that have always served me best have been something based on a strong emotional connection. I learned a lot about health and wellness through both difficult journeys. I learned the importance of a plant based diet. I realized that small adjustments in our lifestyle could have potentially prevented them from getting cancer. Although I cant go back. I can honor them both by helping others maintain their health and enjoy a long life with their families. Unfortunately cancer took my family, but it has not stopped me from providing a healthy lifestyle for others. So, the journey began growing these powerful and beautiful Microgreens thus launching a company in their memory. And I launched a company in there memory. I needed to promote health and lifestyle changes in a holistic way.




And so, Gypsy Greens was born.




I’ve learned to treasure moments spent with family, to live in the moment, and to keep up the fight no matter how difficult things may seem. I’ve learned that life is a journey and perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned to embrace it.




It means the world to me that you are here and on this journey with us.


In Memory of Travis and my mom



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